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The Israeli divorce laws are based on religious laws (excluding cases when the religion of the husband and wife is different), and divorce claims are brought to religious tribunals, which makes matters much more complicate than they already are during a divorce processes.  


The Jewish rabbinical courts have exclusive jurisdiction regarding divorce claims. In order to get divorced one needs to have a legitimate cause, which is not so easy to proof in many cases and makes litigation procedures long and exhausting.


Our office specializes in divorce law suits in Israel, and provides its clients consultancy and the best legal support and strategy in the enduring divorce procedures in order to maximize our clients’ desired results.


Our office specializes in Israeli inheritance law and provides its clients consultation on inheritance matters and conflicts, starting from stargazing the best way to divide the estate and preparing wills, to serving requests for grant of probates and providing litigation services regarding inheritance conflicts and managing estates.      


Daniel Wigler is an expert in the Israeli family laws and divorce laws.
Adv. Daniel Wigler holds an LL.B Bachelors degree in law, and an LL.M Masters degrees in law, both from the University of Tel - Aviv, Israel.

Adv. Daniel Wigler is an experienced and skillful lawyer, who handles a large variety of legal cases on the matter of family law and inheritance law in the Israeli family courts and rabbinical courts.       

Adv. Daniel Wigler speaks Hebrew, English, French and Italian and gives legal services to foreign citizens around the world who has legal issues in Israel regarding marriage, divorce, alimony,custody, wills and inheritance and more.

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